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Roach Vale Primary School's SEN Information Report


1.School Ethos for SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities)

Roach Vale Primary School is inclusive and aims to meet the needs of every pupil. We recognise the importance of quality teaching and that some pupils will, at some stage, require a more personalised approach to enable them to meet their potential.  We want our school to be a safe, secure and happy environment where children feel valued and are able to access a balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum.

We value our relationship with other local schools and work together to provide the best possible outcomes for the children and young people in that partnership.  We will work within the requirements of the latest SEN Code of Practice.

How parents/carers can find out about our ethos:

  • Visit our school
  • Meet our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
  • Look at our website
  • Read our prospectus
  • Read our policy documents and other important documents (on our website)

2. Partnership Ethos with the school

We believe that home and school should work together in partnership to provide the best possible outcomes for each child.  Parents and carers are encouraged to take an active involvement in school life; for example, supporting home learning, attending meetings and helping out with events and activities.  We ask parents and carers to share relevant information from home with us and we aim to provide information about each child that is helpful and clear.  This will include regular progress reports, access to support from other professionals e.g. School Nurse, Family Support Workers and information relating to individual plans.

How parents and carers can find out about our partnerships:

  • Visit our school
  • Talk to or SENCO
  • Talk to our Parent Support Adviser
  • Signposting to additional services e.g. SENCAN, EWMHS, Educational Psychologist, Specialist Teacher Team, MIND (The Junction), Health 

3. Arrangements for consulting with children and young people with SEN

Where appropriate, we will work with all children to discuss their learning and individual needs.  We include them in conversations about their progress, welfare and achievements.  We aim to include children with SEND in all areas of school life and listen to their views.  We want all of our children, including those with SEND, to feel confident and to have high expectations of themselves so that they can achieve.

How can parents and carers find out about our arrangements for consulting with children:

  • Speak to the SENCO
  • Participate in consultations and review meetings.

4. Arrangements for responding to complaints from parents of pupils with SEND concerning the provision make at the school

We encourage parents to raise any questions or concerns with us at an early stage, in order that issues can be resolved quickly and informally.  We will look to achieve mutual understanding and agreement about all matters relating to an individual pupil.

Should a parent feel that a significant concern has not been sufficiently resolved, they should address the matter in writing to the Head Teacher in the first instance.  The school will then follow the Complaints Procedure where necessary.

How parents can find out how we respond to complaints:

Look at our Complaints Procedure on the school website (a copy can be requested from the school office)

Where can parents access the Local Authority’s Local Offer?

This information will come from the Local Authority but it will be available on-line.

Contact SENCAN at Goodman House, Harlow.

01279 404502.  ECC Website.

5. Identification and Early Intervention

How does the school identify, assess and make provision for children and young people with SEN?

We aim to identify children with SEN using a graduated approach.  This will be done using a range of assessments and observations and gathering evidence from teachers, parents, SENCO, support staff and other relevant professionals.  Where a pupil is identified as having additional needs or is attaining significantly below age appropriate expectations then further support will be put in place and recorded on an individualised plan.  The plan will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis, involving parents and children.

Roach Vale offers a range of additional interventions to support SEN children’s learning and development.  This could be done through focused group work, specific programs, one to one support or therapeutic support.  Other professionals may be involved where appropriate.

How can parents find out how we identify, assess and make provision for children with SEN?

  • Speak to your child’s class teacher
  • Speak to SENCO
  • Attend consultations and review meetings
  • Refer to individual plans and arrangements

6. Information on the kinds of SEN provision made at Roach Vale

There is a range of services available to support children with SEN.   The school SENCO is experienced and knowledgeable. Teachers and support staff contribute significantly to meeting the needs and raising achievement.  The school provides relevant training to staff to ensure current needs are met.

Through our partnership with other local schools (through the Child First Charitable Trust) we are able to provide additional provision and training in:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Parent Support
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Therapeutic services eg The Change Project

We ensure we have appropriate resources in school to support learning for children with SEN.

How can parents find out about our SEN provision?

  • Speak to your child’s SENCO
  • Speak to your child’s teacher
  • Look at the Child First Charitable Trust website: csncic.net

Contact National Parent Partnership Network 01245 436036

7. Information about the expertise of staff and how specialist expertise will be secured:

 All teaching and support staff are responsible for all children in their care, including those with SEN.  They are responsible for ensuring the needs of each child are met (education, health and social) and ongoing staff training and development is planned to meet this requirement. 

Where a child has a specific need, relevant training and support will be assessed through:

  • Child First Charitable Trust (e.g. speech and language therapist)
  • Specialist Teacher Team
  • Health and Medical Agencies (e.g. – paediatric nursing team, local GP)
  • School Health Advisers
  • Charities and voluntary organisations

Additional support for children is timetabled by the school as is deemed appropriate, to meet the needs of each individual child.

How can parents find out about the expertise of staff and how specialist expertise will be secured:

  • Speak to SENCO
  • Speak to your child’s teacher
  • Look at the Child First Charitable Trust website: csncic.net

8. Information about Roach Vale’s policies for making provision for pupils with SEN, including effectiveness, assessment and reviewing progress adaptations to curriculum, additional support and wider support

The progress of all children, including those with SEN, is monitored and assessed regularly (at least termly) by class teachers and senior managers.  If the school has concerns about the progress of individual pupils, further assessments will be carried out to identify what the barriers are and what could be done to overcome them.  Pupils and parents/carers will be consulted where appropriate.

Adjustments to the type of support/level and/or the curriculum will be made where necessary.  Any adjustments will be recorded, monitored and evaluated in consultation with pupils and parents/carers.  This consultation may involve other professionals or agencies.

How can parents find out about Roach Vale’s policies for making provision for pupils with SEN, including effectiveness, assessment and reviewing progress, adaptations to curriculum, additional support and wider supports.

  • Speak to your child’s class teacher, either informally or through structured conversations (e.g. parent consultations, review meetings)
  • Read your child’s end of year report
  • Read Roach Vale’s latest Ofsted report

9. Information about how equipment and facilities to support children and young people with SEN will be secured

The school makes every effort to ensure all children have full access to the curriculum and, where possible, specific equipment and facilities are provided.  These resources can be secured through: 

  • Specialist Teacher Team
  • External advisors and professionals
  • The school itself

The school is mindful of the need to be accessible to children and adults e.g. disabled toilets, single storey building.

How can parents find out about equipment and facilities to support children and young people with SEN? 

  • Visit the school to view directly the equipment and facilities available to children, including those with SEN
  • See the schools Accessibility Plan

10. How the governing body involves health and social care bodies, L.A. support services and other bodies in meeting the needs of children with SEN

The governing body’s policies in regards SEN, safeguarding and equality and welfare make explicit the duty for the school to make referrals or seek advice/support form the local authority and other outside bodies to meet the needs of children with SEN.

How do parents find out about how the governing body involves health and social care bodies, L.A. support services and other bodies in meeting the needs of children with SEN?

  • Read schools policies on the school website
  • Read the Local Authority’s Local Offer

11. Contact details of support services for parents/carers of pupils with SEN, including those for arrangements in accordance with Clause 32

The Local Authority publishes its own Local Offer which contains contact details relating to support services available to parents and carers of pupils with SEN in Essex. (link to LA local offer here).

Examples of support services which can be accessed by parents/carers of pupils with SEN include:

12. School arrangements for signposting pupils transferring between stages of education and preparing for independent living

The school will liaise with a range of agencies and professionals during transition periods:

  • ‘Receiving’ schools (new school that pupil is moving to)
  • Children’s Social Care (where appropriate)
  • Specialist Teachers

The school will directly involve the pupil and parents/carers in such arrangements.  This will usually involve structured visits/meetings, induction days, meetings with relevant staff (e.g. SENCO) and any necessary adjustments to the EHP.

How do parents find out about school arrangements for supporting pupils transferring between stages of education and preparing for independent living?

  • Speak to the SENCOs from current school and ‘receiving’ school
  • Attend transition meetings and meet with relevant professionals
  • Visit ‘receiving’ school
  • Be involved in review and adjustments of EHCP 


 13. Admission arrangements for children with SEND

The SENCo and Class Teacher initiate contact with parents and pre-schools when the school is alerted of the additional needs of a child. Parents and pre-school settings are theninvited to liaise with the school in order to organise transition arrangements. When children join Roach Vale after Early Years Foundation Stage, we endeavour to gain as much information as possible about the child’s needs and the support that child has received from their previous school. There may also be a need to contact outside agencies.


14. Steps are taken to prevent pupis with SEND being treated less favourably than other pupils

Please read this section alongside Roach Vales Anti-Bullying Policy. At Roach Vale we are determined that all members of our school community are treated with fairness and respect.  This determination is communicated explicitly and forms an integral part of our school ethos.   Staff at Roach Vale are provided with up to date information regarding the needs of all the children in our care through regular guidance and training.   Children learn about acceptance, diversity and difference in PSHCE sessions.  Allmembers of the school community are expected to stay vigilant and encouraged to report any incidents of discrimination or inequality.   Incidents of this nature will not be tolerated and are dealt with swiftly by Senior Leadership TeamMembers. Record keeping is robust.


15. Roach Vale’s access and accessibility arrangements.

Roach Vale offers access to a differentiated curriculum for children with a range of abilities and needs.The school is committed to providing an environment that enables full curriculum access that values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory or emotional need.Roach Vale will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to the school building if required.

Please also see the school’s accessibility plan (the link is at the top of this page).




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Who can I talk to?

If your child has SEND provision and you would like further information, then please contact the school’s SENCo:

Mrs L Tuttlebee

01206 861324 


Updated: June 2018

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