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What does KS1 reading look like at Roach Vale? Roach Vale Primary School uses the national phonics programme ‘Letters and Sounds’. This is taught in Key Stage 1 to support our children to develop secure early reading skills. In Year 1, there is a strong focus on ensuring our younger pupils gain the phonics knowledge and language comprehension necessary to read. This gives them the foundations for future learning. At the end of year 1, our pupils also take a Phonics Screening Check which assesses the children’s blending abilities. At Roach Vale, we pride ourselves on our strong phonic results due to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff members. Click the links below to gain more information on this phonic programme and receive resources to support your child at home:

  Letters and Sounds Resource’ website
  'Letter and Sounds Gov’ website 

In addition to this, from years 1-6 whole-class Guided Reading sessions run throughout the week supported by Class Teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSA). This is to ensure that our children develop their reading comprehension and fluency to give them the skills necessary to access the curriculum. 

Within our school library, we have a wide range of books that are organised by abilities, including companies such as Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star, Pearson Bug Club and Reading Planet. Our core reading scheme is taken from the Collins Big Cat series.
We are currently working hard at innovative ways to ensure that daily reading is prioritised (for fluency and accuracy) so that pupils can access the curriculum fully. 

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